Malesprøjte Air Less TLS-795

28.800 DKK

Products Description:
TLS Electric Airless paint sprayer is one of the best tools to have to paint your job faster.It can
be used for a wide range of coating materials, including interior and exterior jobs.And besides less
time spent on the job, you are also assured of a smooth and mirror-like finish on your painting
TLS-795 Specification
Model TLS-795
Voltage 110v-220v, 50-60Hz
Power 3000W
Output Pressure 3000Psi
Flow Rate 4L/Min
Max Tip size 0.031
Jet Distance 350-400mm
Weight 55KG
Dimension 68*65*95cm
Accessories: Spray Gun, 625 Nozzle,
13m Hose, Lube Oil,
Sealing Ring, Munal

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